Vicente Victor D. Ocampo Jr., MD
Honorary Chair

Mary Ellen A. Sy, MD
Over-all Chair

PAO Secretary : Lyll Karen B. Arriola, MD

PAO Treasurer: Rainier Victor A. Covar, MD

Scientific Program: 

Chair:                      Eleonore B. Iguban, MD

Co-Chairs:              Jubaida M. Aquino, MD
                                Theresa Gladiola B. Merca, MD

Subspecialty Society and Interest Group Representatives:

Philippine Cornea Society, Inc.

Mateo Andro R. Geronimo, MD 
Justin Raymond G. Manlongat, MD


Neuro-Ophthalmology Society of the Philippines

Bryan Vincent Q. Mesina, MD
Maria Karina M. Montesines, MD

Philippine Glaucoma Society        

Carlo Josemaria D. Rubio, MD


Philippine Ocular Inflammation Society

Timothy Tang Lee Say, MD
Neil Gregory L.  Onghanseng, MD


Philippine Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery

Carlos G. Naval, MD


Philippine Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and
Reconstructive Surgery

Felice Katrina T. Ranche, MD 


Philippine Society of Pediatric Ophthalmology
and Strabismus

Ronald Antonio N. Reyna, MD
Paulita Pamela P. Astudillo, MD

Vitreo-Retina Society of the Philippines

Maria Angelica DF. Villano, MD

Jona May S. Ongkeko, MD

Low Vision Interest Group

Jonathan S. Paroli, MD


Philippine Ocular Genetics Interest Group

Michelle D. Lingao, MD


Philippine Ocular Oncology Interest Group

Honeylen Maryl T. Teo, MD 


Philippine Ophthalmic Pathology Interest Group

Alex S. Sua, MD


Booths & Exhibits 

Chair:                       Raymond Nelson C. Regalado, MD

Members:               Andrei P. Martin, MD
                                 Paul Samuel V. Del Mundo, MD


Adviser:                   Miriam Louella D. Fermin, MD

Chair:                       Honeylen T.  Teo, MD

Publicity & Publication & Website

Adviser:                   Ryan C. Rodriguez, MD

Chair:                       Kunny D. Evaristo, MD

Members:               Neal Vincent L. Torre, MD
                                 Leo Francis U. Pacquing, MD
                                 Crystami Hope G. Abad, MD



 Physical Arrangement/ Technical Team

Adviser:                   Miguel Luiz B. Guillermo, MD

Chair:                       Paul G. Siopongco, MD

Members:                Roland Martin B. Abaya, MD
                                 Victor Ephraime V. Paulino, MD

Socials Committee/ Special Events & Awards

Adviser:                   Sharah Mae G. Kaw-De Castro, MD

Chair:                      Paolo Nico Rogelio, MD

Members:               Elizabeth Aileen G. Giller, MD
Jose Carlo M. Artiaga, MD

ClinicoPathological Conference

Alex S. Sua, MD

Research Paper Contest

Residents’ Research Paper Contest

James Paul S. Gomez, MD

Fellows’ Research Paper Contest

Felice Katrina T. Ranche, MD

Case Report Contest

Bryan Vincent Q. Mesina, MD


PAO Committee Representatives

Community Ophthalmology/Public Health
Roland Joseph D. Tan, MD

ROP Working Group
Jose Antonio T. Paulino, MD

Philippine Network of Young Ophthalmologists
Charisse Ann S. Tanlapco, MD

Research Committee
James Paul S. Gomez, MD
Camille Elaine L. Zabala, MD

Ocular Genetics
Michelle D. Lingao, MD    


Committee on Continuing Education in Ophthalmology (CCEO) Programs

Lifelong Educational Access Programs
Miguel Luiz B. Guillermo, MD      

Ophthalmic Support Staff Program                                 

Course Directors:
Junn R. Pajarillo, MD
John Alfred H. Lim, MD
Melissa Anne S. Gonzales, MD
Stacey Marie T. Aquino-Cohitmingao, MD


Joane Gagnon
Georgette Servidad
Czarina David
Edmundo Sinajonon